Tuesday, 13 October 2009

All work and no play makes Josefine a something something...

I feel like I need a tattoo saying "I worked for five days and all I got was this painfully sore back. And oh yeah, some money. As if that would somehow make it all better... Whatever. Jerks". Or something to that effect.

Seriously people, I am dying. I am so tired. I've been tired since last Wednesday. And not like a "I've been up for a solid 10 hours. Better take a nap" kinda way either. I'm tired because I am exhausted because I spend my days working.


All and all I'm just another brick in the wall.
But that's alright.

The crippeling state of my physique aside, working is actually ok. It makes me get up in the mornings, I get to spend my days around some really awesome (and some less awesome people), and as always, not having that much spare time on my hands actually makes me appreciate the spare time I have a lot more.

So yeah.
Working is alright.
Until about 3 pm.
At which point the ripping out of hair starts.

So happy I found a job.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. I hope you get some much-needed down time and feel better soon.

Lola Lakely said...

Am I one of the only people who after working at the same company for 5 years completely understands why there are other people who flip out and machine gun some of their coworkers? Should I have not typed that out?

ladytruth said...

You really need one big ass area to get that tattoo. The first few months of working are a big fat tired bitch, but once you get into the routine it's just a fat bitch. Something to look forward to

Rolley said...

ahh good old work (not). You'll get in to the swing of it, after a few months probably!! Sorry, that was supposed to be encouraging, but, on a second read it sounds sort of like teasing. haha.

Work is a funny thing, if you REALLY like what you actually do at work, and it gives you a sense of achievement, work can actually be pretty damn cool. BUT. Its a huge part of your life, when you think about it, you're at work almost all day 5 days a week, minus sleep from the equation too and you're left with barely any scraps for 'life'! Ah well!

Stay positive! ..and good luck with it all! Try and have some fun at work too, that helps!!!!!!!!

I often do things to people's computers, put strange stickers all over the kitchen and see how long they stay there, purposely sit in other people's "chairs" at the morning tea table to see their reaction, draw rude pictures in other people's diary/calendar books when they aren't looking, and SO ON! Some might call it immature but really it does make the days more fun.

Antionette Tate said...

Stay Encouraged and Keep Pressing Forward

Dutch donut girl said...

Typically I usually have peanut m&ms at 3pm at work. It gives me a bit of a boost of energy. A little nutty...and a lot tasty :)

Organic Meatbag said...

work has been stressing me out way too much lately, so I know how you're feeling...it's a shitty feeling...hahahaa