Friday, 16 October 2009

Brothers of death metal

I have three brothers.

The oldest one precedes me by seven years and spends his time "singing" in a death metal band.
If you happen to be familiar with the death metal genre (which, if you're Scandinavian like me, you probably are) there's probably no need for me to explain the quotation marks surrounding "singing". However if you have yet to experience the vocally challenging joy to the ears that is death metal, I suggest you do something about that and promptly check this out.

Ah yes...

Cannibal Corpse.

A band appearing on many a mix tape given to me by my brother, in what was a vain attempt to recruit me to the dark side. To try and mold my eardrums in a way so that instead of hearing what appeared to be a very violent assault on one of my senses, I would lock in to the.. ehr.. raw power.. of the music..? And.. uhm... identify with the lyrics..? Mhmm.. I wasn't quite sure.

But I tried.
I really did.
I even sported a Cannibal Corpse band-hoodie given to me as a present for a while, eager to make my brother proud.
Of course I was a thirteen year old girl, and even though the hormones running wild in my rebelling body occasionally did make me want to stab someone, I tended to identify more with the self loathing and heartache of Morrissey's lyrics than.. well this.

Much to the disappointment of my brother, it should be said.
Though he eventually got over it.
I mean we had so much else in common.
More important things, things like a shared gene pool and a mutual crippling fear of somehow contracting whatever it is that turned this man into a tree.

Older brother I miss you very much.
No one here really understands the beauty that is getting wasted and watch early 90´s one hit wonder music videos on youtube like you do.


Organic Meatbag said...

Yeah, it takes a very distinct taste to enjoy death metal...hahahaha!

NanU said...

Thank you very much, Josefine, for this post. I am so very very glad today that my lame office computer does not have sound, that the computing department more or less forbids the attachment of speakers because, as we all know, that leads to employees Goofing Off. I can only goof off with my eyes. For this I am grateful, because I will never be seduced to the Deathmetal Dark Side.


Lola Lakely said...

I have a friend who is very into death metal such as that. I have never understood it but I try and appreciate that he has different tastes but it still hurts my ears. I am glad that you have not thus far been converted. Btw, that tree man is so gonna give me nightmares tonight.

Dan. said...

I once went to a death metal gig of a friend of mine when I was about 15.

To my untrained ears, it sounded like four angry blokes playing very loud chords, with the lead singer randomly screaming the word "SPOOL!" at odd moments.

What they really were missing was a flute, or some other woodwind based instrument.

ladytruth said...

Eeeeuuuwww! Tree-person is just gross. As for trying to please your brother by lowering your musical standards? I can relate to that. My brother was my hero growing up (him being my senior by 10 years) and I'd do everything and anything he said. Luckily I grew up and can now have a conversation with him that does not involve the words: "Are you sure about this?"

Tom Bailey said...

You have a great blog this is my first visit...

The odds of doing well in this idea as a business are slim and I think that is what you are hinting to in the last part of your post.
You are right and he will likely end up a loser financially continuing in that direction...

I used to listen to music like this... It is great for listening to in the gym for lifting weights or just before going into a UFC fight... Taking the ENERGY created by listening to music like this is incredible... and redirecting it into productive ventures serves a person better.

I came to the conclusion if I was really this metalhead badass... I was badass enough to direct energy into business and make money doing it. Then in the end you get both... you get to have the attitude and the lifestyle. Not just long hair... and an empty bank account...

Just my viewpoint....

Dutch donut girl said...

Ewww, tree man scared me to death. I will nightmares tonight. Thank you very much! Yes, I'll bettter go listen to some death metal now. That will calm me down :)