Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The owls are not what they seem

Between gaining employment, regretting doing so and getting my hands on the second season of "True blood", it seems my posting has come to a bit of a halt.

Well, with the slightly incoherent exception that is this post of course.
But never mind that.

I was gonna write about how it made me sad when I realized that I'd watched all the "True blood" episodes available and that to see another one I'll have to wait, like a whole year.
And I don't wanna.

But then I thought, meh.
It could be worse.

Like for example I could find a rift in the time space continuum and travel back to 2003 when I, about a decade later than everyone else (oh, the curse of being young) discovered the brilliance that is "Twin Peaks".

And then, I could continue by re-living the joy of taping every single episode that was aired at 03.00 so that I could watch it in the morning with my scrambled eggs and huge mug of drip coffee, I could yet again feel insanely creeped out by Bob, not to mention that freaky backwards-but-kind-of-not-backwards talking midget that hangs out in the black lodge.
I could hang out on Twin Peaks forums to discuss the meaning of the white horse appearing to Laura's mom in a vision(could it be as simple as horse=heroin? Could it David Lynch? You will never tell, and I can only guess... Bastard.)

And then, just when things are so fehking good and I'm all like "Omg, what does "The owls are not what they seem" really mean!?!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN I NEED TO KNOW PLEASE GOD JUST PLEASE!!!!!" and my head is about to explode because Agent Cooper's evil doppelganger is gonna catch him and then what's gonna happen and the log-lady, oh my god the log-lady, and all I wanna do is curl up in foetal position out of sheer frenzied joy and anxiety... they cancel.. the show...
Well actually they cancelled it about 13 years earlier, but that's not the point.

The point is that that scenario right there is how it could be worse.

And it was.

By God, it was...

So whatever, Vampire Bill.
Keep away for another 11 months, see if I care.
You might be all hot and gentlemanlike and speak with a breathy somewhat comical southern accent, but you're no Agent Cooper.

Not by a long shot.


NanU said...

Alas. True Agent Coopers are hard to come by.
I feel your pain.

Lola Lakely said...

This post effing cracked me up. Not because I'm a Twin Peaks fan but because I, too, know how obsession works with TV shows. I just told Blockbuster to suck it because in the middle of Series 4 of Dr. Who , they sent me a random movie that isn't even in my effing que in the middle of a cliffhanger on one of the discs. WTF?

But it could be worse, it looks like.

erin said...

I have instant netflix (straight to my t.v. yo!) (it's a major problem) and I became addicted to these random British shows. Wire in the Blood, Jekyll and about a million Sherlock Holmes episodes starting in 1984 and spanning to the mid 90's. It's ridiculous.

Where can you get the second season of true blood? I watch everything late...so I don't even know if it's still on t.v. or not.

Cham said...

My brother LOVED Twin Peaks as well. I LOVED Gilmore Girls, but I didn't start watching it until the sixth season, at which point I spent the entire time catching up on the first five seasons, so I was always like "Who's that? And they did what?!" when my friend brought up something about the current episode. Then it ended after 7 seasons. Bitches.

Dan. said...

Gah! Another vampire Bill lover! My other half is obsessed with him, and keeps going on about how "dreamy" he is.

Twin Peaks I have never gottten into, but I understand your obsession, I am the same with The Wire.

And my verification word is minki. That makes me very happy.

Kate said...

No idea what you're talking about but that never stopped me enjoying something! I've just found your blog. I like it....

kristine said...

i saw the title of your post and immediately thought "that reminds me for some reason, of twin peaks".

I guess i realise why, now.

that bob was a real weirdo, eh.

ps the word verification on this post is "winest". I cannot tell you how apt that is. I am the winest, right now. lots of wine.

Dave King said...

I was a Twin Peaks fan - and how! Don't think I am now, though.

THEVOICE said...

you should try to check out
big love, vampire diaries, and the big c they are great shows