Friday, 2 October 2009

In Australia Burger King is called "Hungry Jack's", for no apparent reason

(... well to be honest I'm sure there is a reason, I just haven't bothered googling it. If you do, please fill me in on the details.)

A couple of years ago I watched this documentary about prisoners on death row in America. As I recall the inmates were interviewed about their background, some information was given on the crimes that had lead them to their death sentences.

The main focus of the film however was not on these people's everyday existence or trying to understand their circumstances, but on what they, on the day of their looming execution, would choose to have as their last meal.

Apparently it is tradition that inmates on death row can request anything they want for their last ever culinary experience (though I'm sure there are some restrictions. Like anything with arsenic in it. Or gun cake).
And while food is a great great love of mine only to be rivaled by my love for baby animals, I probably couldn't imagine a time when I would feel less like eating than the moments leading up to my demise.

But still, knowing that somebody has the freedom to order whatever they want and realizing that their choises consist solely of items you could find in any food court in any mall is quite sad.
No fava beans or chianti here, just Big macs, fried chicken, french fries and pizza.

But then again maybe "foodie" isn't an adjective commonly used by the average inmate on death row to describe themselves.

What would your last meal be?


ladytruth said...

A combination of Mom's mac and cheese, vetkoek (, her noodle salad washed down with cappucino with cream and Jack D. I'm quite hungry now.

mysterg said...

Cheese on Toast with a Cappucino for starters followed by a course of Lobster and Paella, then Banoffee Pie for dessert and a bottle of Jim Beam to wash it all down with.

Angie said...

The answers to all your questions about Hungry Jack's!

kristine said...

fava beans.

just kidding.

omchelsea said...

something salty and something sweet. Quite possibly butter and avocado with a little salt on wholemeal toast, then dark lindt chocolate.

ladytruth said...

I have something for you over at my blog :)

Haste. said...

Random came across your blog.
...I wonder if they can eat a ton of food, if they please? Interesting.. Odd documentary to say the least, but non-the-less, interesting. At least considering that I myself don't ever plan to go through that ordeal in my lifetime.. It's interesting to hear from people who are. I love documentaries.

Dan. said...

I'd have to go for an all you can eat buffet. They can't execute you until you have finished eating, right?

I really like your blog by the way.

Josefine said...

ladytruth - hmm, this vetkoek sounds very interesting... and kind of like these things that fiancé's mom does. They're called zippilis or something to that extent and are Italian dough lumps with chili in them that you deep fry. Sounds disgusting but it's delicious.

mysterg - mmm, everything...

Angie - Thanks! It makes a lot more sense now and all I had to do was click a link!

kristine - I can hear you wheazing through your face mask... creep...

omchelsea - wow, you show way more restraint than me playing "fantasy last meal". Waaay more.

Haste. - No idea how much they can eat, but I remember one of the inmates had quite an impressive list of items he wanted. As I recall it was reported after he was executed that he had eaten half a burger or something. It's all a bit sad really..

Dan. - Well I would think not. Sure people from the south tend to be pro death penalty but gosh darn it they still have good manners.

Lola Lakely said...

So, i followed you because of Ladytruth's honorable mention. She's great at picking out new reads! I think I'll follow you now, you seem to have a lot of interesting things to say and I had this friend from Australia who told me the entire Hungry Jack story, which made me laugh.

My last meal would have to be a 4 course meal at this restaurant I just ate at this past weekend. It consisted of mushroom casoulet, a lobster crepe pocket, and chocolate lava cake. Mmmmm.

Jenno said...

Ribeye steak, medium-rare.
Steak fries.
steamed broccoli in a light cheese sauce.

and a side plate full of chicken with mixed vegetables in a Chinese brown sauce atop fried rice.

Nothing special. :)

KaLynn said...

I love your blog! Think I will be come a follower of yours!