Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Once upon a time in July, a Finnish lady tagged me for a meme. I was awfully excited about this, but due to not having an internet connection or even my computer at the hotel where I was staying, I thought it better to complete this meme thingy when I got back to Melbourne. Which was almost two months ago.

So shameful.

Aaaanyway. I'm doing it now. Happy?

The idea is to create 5 categories each containing 5 favourite items of said category but without necessarily being listed in any particular order. Did that make sense? It doesn't matter, you'll get the idea. Oh, and then you tag 5 other people to do the same thing.
Sort of like chain mail but without the vague threats of being unlucky in love for the next 7 years.

So here goes:

My 5 favorite (random) things:

1 Breakfast - My favourite meal of the day, every day. Though I've always enjoyed breakfast, my love for it didn't fully flourish until I moved to Canada and into a culture where going out for breakfast is not only something you can actually do, but is encouraged. Overwhelmed by this new option of having someone cook me eggs and then letting me pay them for it I started having breakfast as often as I could, substituting it for lunch and dinner whenever I could get away with it. Which thanks to a high number of cafes sporting all-day-breakfast menus was surprisingly often.
Ah, those were the days...

2 Finding things you don't expect - Like a twenty dollar note in your pocket or a new coffee shop that makes reeeaaally good coffee and has an all French staff or a mint condition Burberry trench for $200 in a thrift shop. Thank you universe, it's just what I wanted!!!

3 People watching - I know it's slightly pervy, but I love watching people when they're unaware that they're being watched. It's like being at the zoo. When I was 16 I lived in this apartment that if you sat in the windowsill you could see up and into another apartment located diagonally across the road. I used to sit there for hours (yes sadly, hours) staring up into that apartment and watching all the things going on there. It was all very mundane everyday things, no one ever got shot or anything but somehow that's what I liked about it (the everyday mundane stuff I mean. And yeah, I guess the no-one-getting-shot part as well now that I think about it).

4 Mail - Letters, postcards, care packages, or just things ordered online. I love receiving stuff in the mail. It's the only thing I can think of that still has a bit of that childhood sense of excitement normally associated with christmas attached to it.

5 Puppies - It doesn't matter if my day has consisted of being deprived of coffee, sleep and food all while being punched in the face repeatedly, stick a puppy in front of my eyes and all is forgiven. Puppies make the world go round. For realz.

My 5 favorite celebrity crushes:

1 Ricky Gervais - Because of "the Office"* season 1 and 2 and the christmas special. I have never known a love like this.
*British, not American

2 Jon Stewart - Because he makes politics sexy

3 Andy Samberg - Because of this and this

4 Hugh Jackman as Wolverine - I feel no need to explain this one. But I will anyway: Because lumberjack shirts and massive sideburns will always hold a place in my heart. And spank-bank. Forever.

5 Jennifer Connelly - Because if I ever had to have a full face transplant I'd hope hers was up for grabs.

My 5 favourite articles of clothing:

1 My Burberry trenchcoat - We were destined for each other and as if by sheer magic, everything else I own looks great with it. Even the dining table.

2 Leggings - Though always, always (I cannot stress the importance of this enough) worn with crotch and ass covering shirt/dress/skirt/dashiki.

3 High heels Because I walk better in them after a few glasses of wine and any excuse to drink more wine is an excuse worth making it on a list somewhere.

4 50´s style dresses Complete the look with pearls, a smile and a secret but raging alcohol addiction that is revealed in a humiliating manner after a drink too many at the Joneses dinner party.

5 Tracksuit pants What can I say, I'm a sucker for comfort.

My 5 favourite frequent food cravings:

1 Tuna sashimi When I was I kid I watched a documentary on Inuits, and I remember one scene where they were carving raw seal meat from a (surprise!) seal and eating it, sort of in the fashion my grandma used to eat an apple. I also remember not feeling grossed out but actually a little disappointed that I would probably never get to do that. And so far, I never have. But sometimes while eating tuna sashimi I close my eyes and pretend.

2 Scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese and chili flakes Scrambled eggs has been a constant food craving of mine since I was eleven. I just want to eat it all the time, something I think was hinted at in the "5 favourite random things" section. And if you add parmesan cheese and chili flakes before scrambling it magically get better. I didn't think that was possible.

3 Toasted and slightly burnt fruit loaf with insane amounts of butter As in obscene amounts. As in melted butter literally pooling and dripping of the piece of toast. Mmmm, butter...

4 Seaweed salad I think it's the texture. Whenever I see seaweed salad I need to own it. Then eat it.

5 Vanilla malt milkshake I usually and for some inexplicable reason think "loser" about people who when buying scoop ice cream or milkshake pick vanilla flavoured such. Why? Why would you pick vanilla when you can have chocolate or rum or honey dew melon flavour? I just couldn't see any reason for it. But something has changed. Maybe it's the added malt (which strangely I also used to despise), maybe it's the sign of my ever changing palette. I don't know. All I know is that I can no longer resist the siren call of the vanilla malt milkshake. And I don't want to.

My 5 favourite things that make my life easier

1 Dry shampooI hate washing my hair and now I don't have to and still manage to avoid smelling like a homeless person

2 GoogleHow did people live before google and not go insane from all the things they could not get the answer to immediately? How I ask you. But maybe I should just google it instead.

3 ClothesWhen growing up in Scandinavia they come in pretty handy if you want to make it to adult age.

4 FiancéKind of like google but at times more infuriating and with glasses.

5 Caller idI'm not a confrontational person. So I just screen.

And that's it!
That's all.

Now for the lucky 5:

1 Nancy @ f8hasit: Because her blog is funny and honest, and because she posted a photo of herself in a Peter pan collar.

2 Ladytruth over @ happily AFTER ever: Girl has Louis Vuitton heels and gay dates. Sounds like a good time to me!

3 Mysterg @ Meditations in an emergency: Because I want to, no need to know more about him. You hear me? Need.

4 Not so glamorous housewife @ Diary of a not so glamorous housewife: She knows how to knit a robot. I give cred where cred is due.

5 Dutch Donut Girl @ The world according to donut girl: A while ago she posted pictures of bedrooms from different German brothels and claimed they were sources of inspiration in her looming bedroom make over. What can I say? I like it.

Oh, and I just remembered. You can make up your own categories. Mix and match. Whatever floats your boat as they say.

I'm done.
Over and out.


ladytruth said...

Thanks for the tag ;) After reading yours, I now have to actually sit down and think about mine to try and make it as funny and good as yours.

Polly said...

brilliant, especially the one about people watching, I'm with you on that one. it is totally like being in a ZOO

Extranjera said...

I've had a love-affair with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine's hair and sideburns as long as I can remember.

No shame there.

Not So Glamorous Housewife said...

Thanks for tagging me. Yeah, something to write about and my favorite topic at that! Woo HOO!

Dutch donut girl said...

Hahaha... thank you for tagging me Josefine! I'll try my best to do this meme before the year is over. Just kidding! But I have to think about this so it might take a while. Yes, I'm a very slow thinker. But there is nothing wrong with that, right? :) I think I've hit my head too many times as a kid.

I will let you know as soon as I post it.

Dutch donut girl said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I love your meme. You crack me up :)

Organic Meatbag said...

People watching is definitely fun... it's not a matter of perv, it's a fun social experiment!

One Sassy Girl said...

We could be soulmates, though I'd steal your Burberry trench ;)