Thursday, 10 September 2009

Coffee, of all things I thought I could trust you...

No one drinks drip coffee in Australia it seems. It's all posh espresso machines and the cleverly named nespresso machines and stuff.
Which is fine. I love coffee and that love is of the kind that does not discriminate.
However, I have noticed that drinking a pot of espresso doesn't seem to affect me very much, and I can easily have more coffee during the day with no other side effects than my urine smelling suspiciously like a latte (too much information? I'm sorry, I just find it quite interesting how that happens... Maybe I should have my kidneys checked? I've never heard anyone else having this happen to them, but then again maybe most people don't find it necessary to fill people in on what their urine smells like. Unless they've had asparagus recently, which seems to be an acceptable excuse for talking about what you did on your visit to the lavatory).
Nothing else. No twitchiness, no extra energy, no feeling nauseous. Nothing.

What's up with that? I thought to myself.

And I'll tell you what's up:

Apparently drip coffee has more caffeine than espresso, for the simple reason that the water spends a lot more time hanging out with the coffee grind in a drip coffee maker than in an espresso machine.

I am so confused right now.
I mean it makes sense, the way most things do once you have them explained to you, and yet I feel as if I have been deceived.
How is it I didn't know this?
I feel ashamed.
I feel like if coffee was a person I would look at it with a hurt and puzzled look on my face and say something like "It's like I don't even know you anymore".
That's what it feels like.


Extranjera said...

What are you waiting for, get the fiance off of his behind, out the door, and buying a proper coffee maker. NOW.

That other stuff is just blasphemy.

Cham said...

If I have a cup of a dark brew of coffee my pee smells just like it! If I have a lighter brew, it takes at least 3 cups to make my pee smell though... So now you can tell people that someone else has the same coffee-pee condition when they tell you that you're off your rocker!

Is it really true about the water and the coffee and the higher caffeine in a drip maker??

ladytruth said...

I can drink a gallon of coffee before bed time and still sleep like a baby, except for the getting up 500 times at night part. It doesn't even wake me up in the morning. I think I'm immune to coffee.

Josefine said...

Extranjera - I know I know... I will get one tomorrow. The shame is almost unbareable...

Cham - It is very true indeed. Which makes me kind of go like "what the hell!?!!" cause isn't it everyones assumption that espresso is the strongest and therefor it has the most caffeine..? Dman you coffee and your sneaky deceitful ways!

ladytruth - I'm the same, exactly. I NEED a cup of coffee after dinner and people are always making a big deal about it saying that they can't have coffee after like three pm or they can't get to sleep at night. Usually at which point I let out a "whimps" under my breath and roll my eyes.

f8hasit said...

Since we are sharing, I too, have had 'latte pee'.
Mix that with these new vitamins that make it ultra yellow, every morning the toilet is like a canvas for some acid experience complete with olfactory sidelines.

But yes, get yourself a proper coffee maker. Can't live without a good cup o'Joe.


Glad to have stumbled on your blog!

Imogen said...

i really like coffee and I'm only 13...there might be something wrong with me...;)

julochka said...

i know what you mean about the pee smelling like coffee...but wasn't going to bring it up. i'm glad you did.

i think the nespresso machines are evil b/c they create tons of really nasty little plastic cups of waste. not cool.

french press all the way.

Dutch donut girl said...

Coffee has never affected my sleep quality. I love coffee. Tea: bleh!
Coffee: yeah!!!!

"It's like I don't even know you anymore".
Hahahaaa.. too funny :)

Josefine said...

f8hasit - Something is clearly wrong (or maybe so wrong it's actually right..?) when if you close your eyes you don't know whether you just took a trip to the bathroom or your local coffee shop...

Imogen - Maybe you're of Scandinavian heritage? In which case 13 sounds about right. I myself was a late bloomer, and didn't make caffeine a daily ritual until 16. But we're all different and beautiful none the less.

julochka - They are. Pure evil. But then again it's Nestlé we're talking about, so I guess nothing less is to be expected.

Dutch donut girl - You should print that on a t-shirt. I'd buy one, for sure! "Tea: bleh! Coffee: Yeah!!!"
It has a certain ring to it... The ring of truth!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.