Friday, 21 August 2009

Going to the movies just got a whole lot more appealing

It seems Melbourne is caught in some sort of mini hurricane (for about three minutes there, I couldn't remember the word "hurricane" but instead my brain kept suggesting the word "trombone" as the proper term for what defines as "a violent, tropical, cyclonic storm of the western North Atlantic, having wind speeds of or in excess of 72 mph". Yeah, not sure what's going on there).

And for a good part of the day I just saw that as a convenient excuse not to have a shower, get dressed and go see "the September issue" like I'd planned to do. But then, after realizing that I was in fact watching an episode of "Days of our lives" (and not the first one this week I might add...) and having the words "crazy cat lady" flashing before my eyes (why does it keep doing that?) I decided that having a shower might not be such a bad idea after all.

So now I'm back home after an hour and a half of watching Anna Wintour & co and stuffing my face with hand made chocolates (it's a documentary about Vogue, I couldn't very well eat buttered popcorn now could I?) and wine.
Yaha, wine!
Cause apparently cinemas can serve alcohol in Australia.
How, I ask you, is it possible that I did not know this? I did after all receive a "Welcome to Australia"-pamflet when my visa came through, one would think that this information would have been in there somewhere between the national statistics and the helpful tips on how to maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene, no?

Well, no.

Obviously someone, somewhere, in a governmental writing-of-pamflet type job has a somewhat askew list of priorities.

Does Ruddy know about this?


NanU said...

now _there's_ a reason to live in Australia!

Cham said...

Hazah, if I ever make it Down Under, I'll be adding "Cinema - who cares what's playing" to my itinerary!

kristine said...

there's no cinema in belize. well, thats not true. There is one, but its eclectic mix of king fu and porn has so far failed to attract me. One day soon, perhaps.

That said, the cinemas in Indonesia were super fancy, with waiters bringing popcorn and wine on trays, seats like in first class on a virgin flight (like i'd know) which you could recline all the way, and fleecy blankets. That was nice.

Anyway, totally agree, they should have included it in the pamphlet. Also, days of our lives? I think thats even worse than mexican soaps. (possibly)

kristine said...

i mean kung fu. just clarifying lest you think king fu is some bizarre porn-related thing.

Josefine said...

NanU - Why yes there is, drinking in the theatre has convinced me where vegemite has failed. Miserably, I might add.

Cham - Actually, it's sort of a win win situation this here, see if a movie is boring-tadaa, it's boring but with wine! And if it's a good movie, well then it's a good movie made better (with wine! The best kinda better).

Kristine - I don't see what it is about kung fu and porn that fails to attract you..? Especially if there's an actual hybrid movie of the two. I'd pay to see that for sure!