Monday, 10 August 2009

Sick as a dog. Or a man.

I'm writing to you from the depts of my couch where I've spent the past couple of days in the form of a shivering sweaty pile, resembling not so much a person but some spineless jellybased creature most likely to be found in some b-grade horror movie.

Mmmm, yes.
I'm sick.

Sick to the point where I haven't even had the strength to surf the internets.
I know, crazy.

I've also been so sick that communication between me and fiance has consisted of me pointing to different things while emiting various sounds like "ugh" or "hahrr" and him then trying to desipher said sounds to try and figure out whether he should call the hospital or if it'd be enough to give me some toast.

I haven't however, been too sick to watch Oprah and be reduced to a crying blubbering wreck after seeing a small Philipino girl get to sing with her idol Celine Dion at Madison saquare garden. I tend to turn into a very emotionally unstable person when I'm sick. (Yeah right, when I'm sick...)

Today seems to be better though. But just to be safe, I might take another day on the couch.


Cham said...

If you can spare the retrieving hands of your fiance for a few minutes, make him run out to the store and get some saltines and chicken broth. Since talking doesn't seem to be a mode of indicating what you want, just grunt at him til he comes over and point at this comment. Fiance, go get her some happy girly movies too. (ie - ones where nobody dies..that just might do her in).

Feel better! :D

julochka said...

i've seen that small filipino girl, but not with celine dion (who i find a little scary, actually). she was quite a singer. the little filipino girl, less so celine.

i think it's ok to watch oprah when you're sick. or stuck alone in a hotel room far from home.

hope you're feeling better. it must be going around. i've been down myself for about 24 hours.