Friday, 7 August 2009

Things to do at the airport

Aah, yes...

I'm back in Australia and with that back on the juice.

The sweet sweet juice squeezed from the millions of ones and zeroes growing off the binary tree of knowledge and also known as the internet that is.

Well, the other juice too I suppose. Case in point: The lovely rum based cocktail I'm sipping (chugging) at this very moment. Mmmm, coconutty...

See one of the perks of international travel is the never to be missed tax free shopping.
Since I am not a comparer of prices when buying stuff (it's not that I have a lot of money but rather that I'm very lazy, much to the dismay of fiancé), I'm not really sure just how much of a percentage is taken off prices (although a somewhat hazy memory seems to be telling me that there are signs under the tax freed items informing you of that. Not sure. Hazy memories are not surprisingly often of the "do not trust" variety. This for various reasons that shall remain unnamed but that could have a thing or two to do with the chugging of alcoholic beverages.)and hence how much I save by shopping tax free.
However, this seems to be as irrelevant to other people as it is to me and the term "tax free" has instead become a perfectly good excuse for people to buy what would otherwise seem like an imorally large quantity of alcohol.

So fiancé and I thought: who are we to fight the system, really? and walked out Melbourne Airport with a number of bags making the clinky noises made when happiness in a bottle snuggles up against it's buddies, comfort and confidence, coincidentally also in bottles.

And now here I am, home alone surfing the interweb and enjoying a few (hrrm) cocktails on an empty stomach while fiancé is at the football. Everything is back to normal.
Only with a slightly (...) more well stocked liquor cabinet.


sciencegirl said...

happy to hear you're sufficiently hydrated.
Forget the saving by shopping duty-free, though. They might lop off the 19% tax, but the price is hiked up to more than make up the difference!

Extranjera said...

All I read was buying alcohol. And that's something I agree with just purely on principle.

No other arguments needed. Ever.

Cham said...

" immorally large quantity of alcohol" HAhaha!

This reminds me of the time my sister-in-law's parents (who don't drink and don't support it) came to visit and her father offered to install a new faucet. The "liquor cabinet" also happened to be the cabinet under the sink. Ah, family...

susan said so said...

Happiness, Comfort, and Confidence... and don't forget Courage, also found most often in a bottle!

: )

julochka said...

mmm, we picked up 8-year-old bacardi and vanilla absolut in singapore. and i'm definitely getting some Hendrick's gin at LHR on sunday...duty free alcohol rocks.

i once asked in Heathrow how much i could buy at once (going back to DK) and the guy said, "as much as you can carry" and i said, "you'd be amazed how much i can carry."

Lynne said...

is that whay they sell suitcases in duty free? I've always wondered.