Saturday, 29 August 2009

A rare breed indeed

Despite many an attempt to suppress the fact that I will sometime very very soon need to begin planning a wedding, this insight keeps making itself known.

Much, I have to say, to my dismay.
Because, ugh.
I don't wanna.

Don't get me wrong, I really really want to get married.
The marriage part isn't what's making my neck twitch nervously. It certainly isn't the reason I feel like taking a nap anytime anyone has questions/opinions about it.
And although I can't definetly rule out that that isn't what's causing me to break out in some rather stubborn hives, I'm almost a hundred percent sure that it's not.
It's something else.

It's the wedding.
Or, in my case; the W-E-D-D-I-N-G.

I know that being a female, living in a first world country and having obsessively watched Disney's "Cinderella" growing up, I should (in theory) be able to perfectly execute this whole bridezilla routine that's become so popular with the kids. You know, the crazy-eyed obsessive compulsive bride-to-be reducing waitstaff to tears and throwing temper tantrums over the fact that "these napkins are ivory! I said egg shell! EGG SHELL!!!!" .

I'm supposed to be overjoyed by the thought of picking out colour schemes and centre pieces and wedding cakes and thank you cards, and apparently I should be keeping some kind of scrap book containing an over all "theme" for the wedding.
What do you mean "a theme"? How bout "we're getting married"?
Is that theme enough for ya?
No? That's not what it means?
Oh, ok. Right.

But, as you might have gathered, something has gone horribly wrong somewhere, and all these things added up make me feel the opposite of excited.
So, "not excited" I guess.
I mean, all I want is to wear a pretty dress and marry the loveliness that is fiancé.

In Vegas.

With Elvis (or someone vaguely resembling him) conducting the ceremony.

Is that so much to ask?


NanU said...

If you don't want the common hoopla with matching ribbons, don't have it.
Just go your own way. Be married the way you want to be married, damn the torpedos of inlaws, distant aunts, and people who know 'best'!

ladytruth said...

Well at least you'll be saving some money which you could always use for the honeymoon ;)

Hillbilly Duhn said...

I vote vegas, baby!! Who needs the glam of family's mixing and mingling telling old stories or getting drunk and tripping over your new hubs grandma and copping a feel in the process!! LOL!

Stopping in via, well, crap, I forgot where I came from, but anyway, the point is, I've stopped by and said Hey!

Good luck with the wedding!

omchelsea said...

Do whatever you want and hang the 'fairytale'. The best decision we made was that we couldn't please all the people all the we created the day we wanted and let people take from it what suited them. And WE enjoyed it!
And has the book arrived?!

kristine said...

yeah i dont get the theme thing either. I am with you, "we're getting married" is as much theme as anyone should need.

(I am not married. I am told that people change. I am open to the possibility, but I have my doubts)

Josefine said...

Haha, aww thanks for the support guys... Really, I think I'm missing a gene or something. At the moment I'm thinking maybe just grab a couple of friends and go to hawaii and do it or something. We'll see how it plays out. Vegas is not off the list just yet...