Monday, 3 August 2009

I'll be passed out by 2 pm

Ah yes, it is indeed 8.06 am and I am not in bed but actually fully dressed and my face fixed on and for some reason sitting in front of a computer seemingly all the way from 1986 in front of me.
The mouse doesn't even have a scroll button.
I know, hard to grasp.

The reason for this strange and uncharachteristic getting-up-in-the-morning behaviour is that fiance decided to do an adapted sort of "bring your kid to work" thing today. Except, you know, with me instead of a kid.
Turns out though, fiance works with things that are kind of secret and stuff so I'm not actually allowed in the "office" (I don't know if office is really the correct term, but it is some kind of facility residing at the top of a mountain. Yeah...), so what I'm doing is hanging out at the lodge next to it. There is coffee and internet access here, plus a really brilliant view of the mountains so I can't really complain. Except for the fact that on the computers, everything is in French. And I don't know how to change it, cause, uhm, it's in French.
It'd be kind of neat if what I wrote all came out in French as well. I'd seem all sophisticated and shit and I bet even though you might not understand what I was writing you could totally picture me smoking a cigarette in one of those fabulous cigarette holders. I think you might picture me sitting here with like a brunette 20's bob haircut as well. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I've stocked up with plenty of magazines, a book, a deck of cards and plenty of internet credit. Schweet.

Oh, and I have a question: How do you post a link but make the link appear as like a word or a name instead of the actual url?
Yes, I'm sort of slow when it comes to stuff like this. And since I'm gen Y I prefer to have people tell me how to do things rather than you know, actually have a go and try and find out for myself.
Sorry. Blame the parents.


Cham said...

While you're actually writing the post, highlight the word that you want to become the link. While its highlighted, look at the editing tools at the top of the text box, there will be an icon that looks like a chain over a globe. Click on that, a little box will pop up, copy and paste the actual link into the space provided, et voila!

(This is how the American setup is)

Josefine said...

Ok, still need to try this out, but can I just say, THANK YOU!!! You've saved me and the people surrounding me a tremeandous amount of whining and threats of actual crying.

Extranjera said...

Or better yet, scroll down on your dashboard page, click on Blogger in Draft, and make that your default page. Then to post a link, it will actually say 'link'. Also, then you can do the fancy-ass cross over deelio, post pictures easier, and set your posts to post when you like.

It's all very technical and shit.