Friday, 31 July 2009

Dating shows, I love thee

Yes, it's true.

I love dating shows.
LOVE them love them.
Love them like a cat loves catnip, and like MJ seemed to love prescription painkillers (too soon?).
That kind of love.

My personal preference leans towards the shows that have a good percentage of awkwardness going on, such as "Blind date" or "Elimidate", where the probability of watching a segment and not going "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!!!" is next to non existent.

I remember one scenario, where after being eliminated and hence humiliated this one guy in a feeble attempt to walk away with his dignity intact says to the girl (who for some reason while talking about her love for animals keeps referring to them as "amnimals". It's unclear if she believes that that's the proper pronunciation or if she has a complex speech impediment extending only to this one word. Anyway, what he says is):

"I wasn't attracted to you anyway".

You can sense his impending attack.
He looks at the girl with feigned superiority and pity.
And then he yells:

"By the way it's ANIMALS, not amnimals you fucking idiot" and walks away.

Hahahahahaha!!! What? What just happened?

All I can say is, way to handle the situation, guy! Your reaction has completely convinced me of your non feelings of rejection.

I do hope that in the distant future when aliens are trying to understand what happened to the human race and what led to their demise, that tape will fall in to their hands. At least it would provide some hilarity.

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