Thursday, 2 July 2009


...means "Thor's day" and comes from Norse mythology. All the names of all the days of the week carry names from Norse mythology, in English as well as Swedish. I like that for some reason. I guess for the same reason I like it when I find Swedish words incorporated into the English language, such as "smorgasbord" and "ombudsman". It fills me with excitement when I hear these words used by native English speakers and I always make a point of explaining that these words are in fact Swedish, as am I. I explain it feeling a sense of pride and smugness, as if this proves or even means something. Which of course it doesn't. Or at least not to the people I explain it to. They just tend to nod distractedly at this linguistic fact thrown at them, not really knowing what else to do with it.

I had lunch with my fiance's cousins wife Katy yesterday. I do consider her a friend, but the family tie seems to make it impossible for me to introduce her as that, I guess because she was my fiance's cousins wife before she was my friend? That would be how it works, wouldn't it? Hmm.. Anyway, it was a lovely lunch, and I very much enjoy listening to Katy's British accent. Somehow it makes everything sound more witty and intelligent, even if it is just ordering broccoli soup with red onion marmalade. I am always and forever being told I have an American accent, which I think makes for the opposite. I don't mind that though, it lowers people's expectations.

I continued my day by going home to change shoes. The idea was that I would then walk to the art shop 20 minutes away and buy some more red paint, maybe stop by Borders and read some mags, have a coffee and then walk back home. I should have known this would not happen as unless I have an appointment somewhere or someone to go see, I find it incredibly difficult to leave my apartment. So instead of getting the paint I need, I stayed at home watching double episodes of both "Bewitched" and "I dream of Jeannie". Well done!
As for now, I think I'm gonna go check the mail. Oh, the excitement!

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