Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I surf the internet, isn't that enough?

I feel like people who are what one could refer to as "out-doorsy" (although I believe you have to actually be out-doorsy to feel that term is socially acceptable to use)feel that they are superior to me and that the life I am leading is an unfulfilling one.

This might all be in my head, but it's like I can actually feel them out there in the woods, in ski slopes and on hiking trails, flaring their nostrils while loudly inhaling the fresh outdoor air and exclaiming how a person hasn't lived til they've skied down the Chamonix alps.

What? What kind of superior statement is that to make? Huh?

Yesterday fiance and I had dinner with two of his colleagues. When asked what I've been doing this past week while fiance is at work, I could sense that the answers they were expecting had nothing what so ever to do with getting up at eleven and slowly walk into town to get my daily dose of internetohol, but rather; skiing! sky diving! hiking! other activity that would make sense when you're visiting a town where people come to do out-doorsy stuff!

For a split second there, I contemplated lying and saying that I've at least considered taking skiing lessons, or made friends with a talking wolf while hiking the mountains or something else just as likely to happen.

But I didn't.

I told the truth.
The ugly shameful truth full of in-doorsiness, caffeine, unhealthy amounts of wine and the fact that my fascination with Miley Cyrus's somewhat unbalanced teeth-gum ratio sometimes forces me watching a full episode of Hannah Montana.

I said that, and the puzzled looks that followed were enough to tell me that the person who came up with the whole "silence is golden" saying was probably on to something.


Extranjera said...

This comes from years, and I do mean years of similar experiences:

Own it.

Nowadays I get a kick out of people's faces when I tell them that I'm a trophy wife, do absolutely nothing at all, and am just so doggone pleasant to be with, that I never actually have to do anything else 'cept drink coffee/wine and be pleasant.

It might be that you at some point decide to branch out a little bit (I sometimes do) and do more in your ample spare time, but they don't need to know that.

Someone has to stand up for us too. Damned Lutheran work ethic, I say!

And completely without lying my VW is vinhori, and I can't even begin to tell you how much that makes my day.

Luke Carter said...

You have an interesting blog. I like how you scrutinise a certain topic that has been bugging you. It's a bit like my blog!


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Extranjera said...

Tagged you for a meme. Details on my blog tomorrow.

susan said so said...

the truth can be entertaining, but wild explanations (that may or may not be true) can be such fun! as with so many things, it's all in the delivery...

example: wow, how'd you get that bruise/cut/scratch?
stock answer: rough sex. (deadpan)

example: so, what have you been up to since you arrived? keeping yourself busy, are you?
answer: i would do, but before sweetness leaves the house every day he handcuffs me to the sofa, so all i'm able to do it watch television and nap!

example: have you read anything interesting lately?
answer: i'm working my way through the bible, backwards. it's hard going, but the influence of pre-christian polytheism is unmistakable, and so fascinating when compared to the traditional interpretations. oh, and children's stories, mostly 3rd grade level picture books.

example: what kind of music do you like?
answer: marching bands, mainly - i prefer miltary bands, but have some classic high school bands on vinyl that i adore. what about you?

example: are you serious?
answer: oh, don't mind me - i was raised by wolves.

: )

i'm susan, by the way. truly.