Thursday, 9 July 2009

What dreams are made of

I'm watching Dr Phil. Waiting for Oprah to come on. Finishing off my morning pot of espresso and feeling a bit twitchy from all the caffeine. It might have something to do with the fact that I also had a slice of suagary chocolate cake for breakfast.
Oh mother, if only you could see me now...

I had a very strange dream last night, quite obviously influenced by things I've watched on tv lately:

I started out being me, and for some unknown reason that seemed very logical, I had been named the sole caretaker for Michael Jackson's two eldest children. Being their guardian my main task was to protect them from something very harmful and non descript. The way I went about this protecting business was by playing a touch screen video game, oddly enough placed in a big "witch style" kettle. The objective of the game was to string together at least three of the same coloured balls and thus make them disappear. I'm not quite sure just in what way this provided safety for Michael Jackson's children, but it did.

Then, all of a sudden I was Harry Potter, or at least some times I was. I kept sort of morphing back and forth like it was going out of style, but no one around me seemed to think anything of it. I was at a beach, a beach that in reality is located in the Swedish village where I grew up. Located on a cliff on said beach I saw a kiosk, and in it was my older brother. Sitting in front of a mac computer (one of those chunky candy coloured ones from the early 2000's) he was handing out small pieces of paper with scrambled letters on them to random people and told me they were passwords to use the internet. This made me panic and I kept thinking, "But they're gonna come back tomorrow! Everyone is gonna know the password! They're gonna use up all our 5 giga bytes in no time, and then our internet connection is gonna be really slow for the rest of the month!"
And then I woke up, all sweat and panic.

My friend Sarah is leaving for a three month trip to Europe on Saturday, and I'm kind of sad about this. Sarah and I met when we were both working at a FCUK store last year, and she has become a very good friend. I will miss her very much while she's gone. Also I'm jealous of anyone who gets to be in any part of the world where it's summer while I am currently stuck in Melbourne, home of windy, rainy stupid winter in July.
But you know, I'm not bitter. Not at all.


Extranjera said...

So I'm really hard trying to follow you, 'cos I think you're funny and all that, but for some reason following you screws up my blogger 'blogs I'm following' and I only get your updates.

So I'll unfollow you (again).

Why dontcha try putting a follow-widget on the page? Maybe then it would work.

Josefine said...

Wow, you deflowered my blog... I couldn't be happier, because you see, my blog loves your blog so I know it won't be looked back at with regret...

Extranjera said...

That's much better!
Thanks, no more screwy Blogger reader...

And, what exactly is wrong with just hermitting it up like nobody's business?!?!


Josefine said...

Nothing! Nothing is what's wrong with it! and that's exactly what I tell my bf who as soon as he walks in the door asks (as to insinuate the opposite) "did you go outside the house today?"
As if that were the standard we measure people by... it's not is it?

Extranjera said...

My husband knows better now than to ask anything of the sort. He'll even go as far as to say: "Now honey, what did you do today, not that there is anything wrong with sitting in your bathrobe all day long, because what i really mean by that question is what did you do in the blogosphere today?

It just takes time, and quite a few threats.

Josefine said...

Haha, that gives me hope.. I do sometimes feel like Sandra Bullock in "The Net" tough. Except for the whole stolen identity part I guess. "Whois Cyber Bob?" haahah, I love it.

lacherie_17 said...

Ha ha I love your crazy dream! It reminds me of one I had a while back where Sarah Palin was an FBI agent and was chasing me through a mall in Billings, Montana--it was odd on so many levels, including that I live in Ohio and have never once stepped foot in Montana! lol

And it's hot and yucky and sunny here in Cleveland, but I think I'll trade with you in December! lol

Keep up your writing, you are hilarious! I'm going to follow, definitely--if you can, please give mine a little lookie-loo...Thanks!