Tuesday, 21 July 2009

jitter bug

So I feel like bursting out in one of those "ohmigodohmigdohmigod" rants so frequent in american high school movies.
The reason?


I am so ridiculously happy, I don't know what to do with my self...

Well, actually, what I should do is finish packing since, true to (poor) form I managed to distract myself from said task all night long yesterday and I need to leave the house in two hours.

Doesn't matter!
This is so amazing! I've been waiting for FIVE months and now it's done!

Ok, need to finish packing so I can go to airport and celebrate in the tax-free section.
New Zealand, here I come!


Extranjera said...


However, does this mean... Noh.... It coudn't... Never... That you actually will get a job and will have to leave the house on a regular basis?

No more posts about phallic bread? I might just cry.

Josefine said...

There will always be time for not working and phallic bread, stop that crazy talk! We're in a recession, remember..?