Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Some kind of wonderful (I am)

So this morning at 5:45 fiancés alarm goes off.
He doesn't usually get up that early, but today he had a plane to catch. A plane that will take him to New Zealand where he will be working on some kind of project for three weeks.

Don't worry, I'll be going over there in a weeks time because apparently my company is that of the desired kind. How very flattering!
Also, I need to leave the country for a couple of days in order for my temporary visa to be renewed. So I guess it's not all about me. What..?

Anyway, yesterday as fiancé was in an increasing state of panic, trying to pack and not being able to find his passport I, instead of helping him, gladly took a phone call from my friend Karin and blabbed away until said passport had re-appeared and thus my helping locating it was no longer needed.

Cause that's just the kind of girlfriend I am, it seems.

Ignore something for long enough and it will work itself out/go away/force someone who is not me to deal with it. Lovely.

Then later on when fiancé smilingly talked about how nice it'll be when I come to visit, how the hotel we're staying at has been re-done, has a spa bath etc he also mentioned that this hotel might not have up and running internet access.

I laughed of course, because what kind of hotel in this day and age doesn't have internet access? I'm assuming that although in a different time zone, it is still year 2009 in Wanaka? I know we're in the southern hemisphere but what kind of bizarro world statement is that?

So when fiancé proceeded by saying,

"I don't know, but last year when I was there there wasn't any (internet)"
the way I responded was not
"Well, that's a shame, but you know what? I really appreciate you forking out all kinds of money in order for me to come stay with you for two weeks and I'll enjoy myself and have a great time because I'll be spending it with you" as it should have been, had I not been a spoiled brat, but rather
"Whaaaaa? Well what the fuck am I gonna do all day!?!!"

Because, why hold it in, right?

And reading through this post I realize that if I find myself single sometime in the near future I will not be able to say I didn't see it coming.

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