Thursday, 30 July 2009

What to do when even caffeine can't help you

Very much enjoying myself today.

Got up in time to be able to be out of my room by the time the maid knocked on the door (usually when this knock happens I'm rudely woken up from an hour and a half of snoozing. In a state of sleep sprinkled panic I will throw on whatever clothes are scattered around the bed so that I can answer the door and while feeling very rude and guilty ask if there's a possibility she can come back in an hour. If feeling very guilty I will just ask for clean towels and smile sheepishly. For whatever reason this hotel does not have those "do not disturb" signs to hang on the door, which would otherwise come in quite handy).

Once out of the room I walked in to town, had breakfast (scrambled eggs & smoked salmon and a coffee the size of my head which for some reason unknown to me came served in a bowl) and continued to read the book I've been trying to get in to for the past month.

I think the fact that getting up at the ungodly hour of 9.30 am this morning though has, despite the mentioned bowl of caffeine, left my brain with the capacity of fruit pulp as it can't seem to cling to any one thought for more than a second or so. If someone would place a mirror in front of me right this very second I'm pretty sure the face staring back at me would suggest at least partial brain damage or perhaps some kind of ill fated drug binge back in the day when ecstasy seemed like the possible answer to everything.
Ah yes.

I think what this suggests is that I should take the stairs down to the dvd rental place and after spending an anguishing 3 and a half hours deciding whether "pledge this" starring Paris Hilton was in fact unjustly reviewed and may actually be a movie I would enjoy, I will walk home to my freshly cleaned hotel room and ignore the beautiful weather outside.
I might also buy some "blast-o-butter" microwave popcorn. I figure that whatever cardiovascular damage the fake and no doubt shockful of trans fat butter may have on me, it must surely be cancelled out by all that red wine I'm also buying.


omchelsea said...

I think I know you....or of you. Or something....its handy having a mother in law who is a yoga teacher and thus by extension knows half of Victoria. Either that or I know of someone in similar circumstances. I think. Anyway. Clearly I'm having a day which has not yet contained enough caffeine.

kristine said...

i think that paris hilton movie is almost definitely underrated. You know, I watched Paris Hilton's New BFF recently. It was really not that good at first. The girls (+ one guy) on it kept talking about how profound and genuine they were. And then one of them said "I mean, I am not a rocket surgeon or anything". Which totally made my day. And I kind of became a bit of a PH fan.

You ask that question about red wine as if there is some kind of doubt. (!?)

Josefine said...

omchelsea, really? i find both options intriguing, the fact that you might know who i am or the fact that there is someone else in a situation very similar to mine and in the same city sort of deal. i think i like it.

kristine, i think ph always brings some sort of "huh? did i actually hear that right?" kind of action.. i too must admit to being a bit of a fan. not sure if it's in an ironic sort of way or not...

Anonymous said...

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