Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sweet dreams are made of cheese?

Arrgh, my subconsious is driving me insane lately!
This past week I've been waking up several times per night from either laughing like some kind of crazy person or being on the verge of tears, whimpering.

The dreams causing this very unwanted behaviour have been various and has included some real gems, such as:

The one where I hang out on a meadow by myself, and after getting a surprise visit from the Jonas brothers I and one of the lads belt out a beautiful duet while standing under a cherry blossom that showers us with pink flower petals.

In another one (and I'm pretty sure that even just admitting to having a dream of this rather violent nature will put me on a watch list somewhere), I run around a house, sweaty and panic stricken, tracking down and shooting people (not the Jonas brothers though. I think.) Every once in a while this switches and all of a sudden I'm one of the people being shot at. It's all very confusing and it's all taking place in a vacation home in Palo Alto.
Just how exactly my subconsious knows about Palo Alto I'm not completely sure, especially since my consious self doesn't. Or at least I didn't until a quick Wikipedia search informed me that Palo Alto is indeed an actual town, located in northern Silicon Valley, California.

Which sort of makes me wonder:

Is this the point where, through a series of seizure inducing flash backs and strangely familiar dreams, my past as a murdeous CIA agent unravels? Will I discover, as someone tries to steal my purse, that I have the reflexes of a feline and a level of martial arts skills even Bruce Lee couldn't keep up with?
Is that what's gonna happen? Will I discover that all my memories are not mine at all (and if so, can I just say "Good riddance, memories of puberty and general teen awkwardness!") but inplanted in my brain to... uh... protect the... uh... secrets of the CIA..?

Wouldn't they just kill me for that?
And where in all this does the third dream, the one where I binge eat wheels of cheddar cheese, fit in to all of this..?


Elise said...

Hello, I just wanted to leave a comment and say how wonderful your blog is. I've so enjoyed my visit reading your posts and looking at your pictures. You have a heavenly header too !

Thank you for sharing and best wishes,

kristine said...

i had a nightmarte last night too! Someone at the american embassy was after me (as in, wanting to kill me or similar) but I was having some trouble working out who it was. It was kind of like a hercule poirot plot, lots of possible evil characters.

it was scary though, unlike hercule poirot. also nobody had actually been killed, also unlike hercule poirot.

But it freaked me out.

julochka said...

i've had wild dreams of late as well. just woke up from one where i was driving down a mall parking ramp (most of my dreams take place in a mall, i believe it to be my american heritage) in a little tiny car and the ramp was really slippery and at the end of it, was...canada.

how's that for weird?

i think what this means is that we should tuck ourselves in with an extra glass of chardonnay.

Josefine said...

In my dream last night I was taking a cross European trip with my dad on a bus. When I went to go to the bathroom, instead of a bathroom there was astaircase down to a water park that still somehow was inside the bus. I was in a black body stocking and trying not to fall into this black pool of water. I slipped in an just as I was getting out these two guys standing next to it asked if I saw the big silvery face under the surface. I looked back and I could see this large round silvery eerie moonface circling the pool and it freaked me out so bad I woke up.

I think the extra glass of wine sounds like an excellent idea seeming that the water here is laced with lsd.